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Donkey by Birth

Everyone comes into this world naked, but that’s not so true…We come with a package, a package we call Heritage….we come with religion, caste, creed, sect, nationality, we come with a surname, and a name given to us before we have even opened our eyes…we come with wealth or poverty….we are born naked physically, but still, we are burdened by birth, more than a donkey for its weight!

But that’s just the beginning! As we grow, there is more load for us to carry…, now there’s obedience! Obedience towards the elders, without thinking of whether they are right or wrong…There’s a God to fear and pray, there are rituals to undergo when you can barely walk or talk, barely understand what is happening around…there are scolding and beatings to fill your stomach when there is a hunger for curiosity….there is a world to be thought of and loved, even before we can barely think for ourselves……

There are big lessons to be learnt from ignorant people around us…even the one’s we trust with closed eyes…..they teach us to be afraid of an ever so powerful God, to always obey elders because He is watching, and just waiting to punish us….we learn that the ‘goodness’ of most things is somehow related to how illogical it is….we learn that instinct and intuition are always wrong, because the right path is the one which is most difficult to follow….we learn that the easy path is always the wrong one…. we learn that God likes  it if the one who prays is uncomfortable….we learn that God likes those who fear Him, and hates those who are a bit bolder to question….we learn that an elder’s sin is sacred tradition, but a child’s innocent curiosity is sin…

We learn a lot, we learn that it is our duty to keep increasing this burden…we learn that listening to the heart is futile, only the mind helps to gain happiness….we even learn what happiness is, what joy should be, everything is taught…..we are taught that it is necessary to pray to God, to remain happy……we are even taught who to pray and how to do it….we learn that we are supposed to love everyone but ourselves….we learn a lot…go on to become great scholars, engineers, doctors…but we all suffer, because  inside, we remain ignorant….and we even learn to enjoy the suffering………

So much is taught, that the cup is already overflowing…so filled by everyone that there is no space or the drink we actually like! No space to even allow mixing of the contents,because sometimes, even that mixing gives things s new taste! Only certain occasions can allow us to understand…….understand the very fact that its high time we need to let go a little….let go on the rituals, and start seeing the divine in everything innocent….leave the idols  of the Gods behind, and see God dancing amongst the flowers, and running about and throwing tantrums in every household….leave behind the rotting traditions and start following the evergreen heart….leave those huge volumes of ‘sacred’ texts, and start reading into our own minds, because finally, every answer lies there….or rather, every question vanishes there.

We have been used to live like donkeys, following every order from our own burden…so much that we find security in its predictable pains, rather than experience the spontaneous joys by letting it go……so groomed are we by our master, that we have forgotten that a wild donkey is free from burden…..we choose to remain, except those few bravest amongst us, donkeys, from birth, till death….

Ninad Gadre

TY Mechanical

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  1. Akash Shetye
    October 13, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    Very interesting, great work.

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