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Placement Do’s and Dont’s

Hi everyone,
Today was an eventful day and also a happy one.But
the happiest day will be when whole of our class will get placed and
we will be sitting at BC and making merry. Anyways!!! wherever i have
been today I have been asked the same Q i.e what happened at ZS.Mihir
was well on track to tell the same but for ADBMS lec :-). But
seriously after having got to sit for six companies before getting
placed (which i had seriously not anticipated) I got to realize that
there is more to placement process than just having good technical or
communication skills which i feel i need to share with you all.

1) First of all, take your apti seriously. The last thing that you
will want is getting overconfident and ruining your chance of cracking
the apti (Ask me!! the same happened with me for TIBCO)
2) Use a round robin technique for solving your apti paper, This will
ensure that all your sections get equal preference which is necessary
if there are sectional cut-offs.Another thing you can do is first
solve all Q’s you are confident about and dnt waste much time on
difficult Q’s initially. You can try them later and also in the end
you can use ur luck 🙂
3)Once you clear your apti, you have a golden oppotunity awaiting you.
Many candidates feel that they cant possibly crack the apti for a
certain company and so do not prepare for the interviews and when they
actually crack the apti, they get tensed and then are not able to give
their 100%. So prepare for your interviews.

Tips for interviews:
1) The interviewer is no fool. So you cant fool him. He can instantly
indentify when you are lying. SO BE TRUTHFUL!!!  It is always better
to say “I dnt know” instead of giving fluke answers. You will
definitely get extra marks for your Honesty.
2)There are a few Q’s which you must prepare in advance bcoz they are
generally asked in all interviews:
a) Tell me abt yourself?
b) What are your Strengths and weakness?
c) Why do you want to work for this company?
d) What are your future goals and where do you see yourself 5 yrs
from now?

3) Dnt fear the interviewer!!!  He is here to hire us, which means he
needs us. So stay calm and just try to give his answers positively.

It is always difficult to directly get going in your first
interview.So conduct mock interviews amongst your friends. Better
still have someone who is already placed, he/she will be able to guide
you better where you are going wrong.

Lastly dont get dissappointed if you dnt make through a particular
company. There’s always something better awaiting you.Also dnt just
give priority to the paycheck that the company is providing but see
whether you can thrive in that company and whether it is where your
actual interest lies, bcoz that is what will define your growth.

So, I think the last 10 mins you spent reading this mail will
really help you in getting the company you desire. Dnt forget to give
me a treat after you get placed  🙂

Best of luck everyone!!!   HAPPY JOB HUNTING!!!!

– Premanand Hegde

BTech IT

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  1. September 30, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Just to extend Anand’s tips I also would like to give some tips as per my experience with my TIBCO interview:
    1. Prepare for some of your special key points on which you are very much comfortable . You should be perfect on that subject. Try make him to ask on that subject. You will get more confidence when you start answering questions on the subject that you really know very well.
    2. Be calm, don’t panic. If you are in panic or unstable just take a deep breath.
    3. Be frank and give answers perfect (not vague). Don’t guess answers. Either give answers correctly or just tell him that you don’t know about it.
    4. Be confident but don’t be overconfident and don’t try to be over smart.
    5. Listen the questions very carefully. Let the interviewer complete the question, and give answer after completing the question by interviewer though you know the answer.
    6. Interviewer don’t expect that you should give him the exact answers but he expects the approach you are following.

    For friends who underestimate himself/herself as he/she don’t have good communication skills. I also don’t have good communication skills, but be confident, if you are good at technical knowledge there is no barrier on language, Communication skills.

    – Swapnil Kulkarni(BTech IT)

  2. September 30, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    I would like to add some points(though not necessary as Premanand and Swapnil have covered almost all):

    1.According to me, the answer of ‘Tell me about yourself’ creates a great impact.Answer should include at least one special quality which makes you different from others and he should be interested in it.Find it if you don’t know.
    2.If you don’t know answer of some question at least give it a thought and try to solve it before saying ‘i don’t know’.

    -Samrin Sayyed (BTech IT)

  3. September 30, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Something more to add:

    1. In both the interview that I appeared, PROJECTS were given the most
    importance. Thoroughly revise all your projects. Create a clear
    flowchart in your mind about how the projects work. You should be able
    to explain the projects clearly maintaining a proper flow.

    2. If you don’t know some answer (or answers related to some
    particular topic that you have not revised), frankly tell the
    interviewer that topic is not afresh in your mind, but once you revise
    it you will very comfortable with the topic.

    I’ve read these somewhere:

    3. While in a interview do not rest your hands on the table. The table
    belongs to the interviewer. (I am sharing this because I wrongly
    thought that keeping my hands on the table would increase my
    confidence and I’ll feel more comfortable)

    4. Keep a pen with yourself. Asking the interviewer for the pen is not
    a good practice.

    -Swpanil Kulkarni (BTech IT)

  4. September 30, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    I would also like to share one thing:

    1)Mostly in an interview the interviewer is trying to assess the way you approach a question.However in few cases your thorough knowledge of the language or subject may be checked !

    2)Even if you don’t have an exact solution of a particular question you can tackle the question by a positive approach.
    As a personal experience: I was asked in the interview to put forward an algorithm for solving a SUDOKU. Frankly I was completely blank at the start. I had never given a thought over such a problem. However some how i managed to get through it. I didn’t state a single code statement( bcoz i would not have been able to do so), i just tried to explain him, the way i would think for the various solutions possible.

    3) The point is approach the problem confidently. If at a particular point, you fell that your approach isn’t correct try to convey that to the interviewer(with proper reasoning) and think of a new one. In such a case don’t give up until the interviewer asks to do so. .

    hope this helps you !!!
    best luck !!

    -Sourabh Dige (BTech IT)

  5. September 30, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Hi Everyone,

    Its really very encouraging to see all of us contributing to this discussion. So i have an idea of taking this discussion and many others happening in the various departments in the college, to everyone.
    For the same I’ll be using our college blog as a medium which I am going to make public on Wednesday.It would be wonderful if everyone in the college could put up their placement experiences on the college blog.
    For my Barclays interview I could find not even a single post online specifying the procedure of evaluation in India. So, a post from me about my experiences will benefit many. Similarly, such experiences from everyone in the final year would develop such a huge bank of experiences that our blog could be even more popular than any career counseling site.
    I request you’ll to kindly mail me your posts so that I could put them up on our college blog before Wednesday.

    -Gantavya Sharma (BTech IT)

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