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Premanand Hegde ZS Associates BTech IT

ZS seeks smart, creative people who can thrive in a collaborative, intellectually challenging environment. As a ZS employee, you get to work directly with clients, seeing your sales and marketing innovations in action across all aspects of their work.

The procedure for ZS is a little lengthy but very interesting.

Contrary to other companies, ZS conducts a written initial test.
This test mainly checks your communication skills, analytical skills, problem solving abilities. The questions asked were:
1) What makes you aspire for ZS?
2) Who is your role model (source of inspiration ) Why?
3) Question on data checking? Given a set of data in tabular form , how will you check for accuracy of data?
4) Analytical question (easy)?
5) Pseudo code for a given problem (This question is for candidates applying for Business technology associate post, the other is Business operations associate (non-technical) )

A few students (really few!) are selected from the above process and are asked to come to their office for the interviews.

There is usually a Group discussion , however didn’t happen for us 🙂 But be prepared.
There are total three interviews:
1) Case study
You will be given a case (usually a real scenario faced by the company). You have to study it ,analyze the given data and then design process to improve performance or the goal intended. Counter questions can be expected. The discussion is 2 way so it can be rather interactive where you can share your opinion.

2) Behavioral interview
This interview deals with your situation handling capacity. A lot of questions are based on the projects you have done. So be thorough with them. Also there can be tricky questions which are difficult to answer but the point is they just require your approach and not perfect solution. The key is to be honest and answer their questions confidently.

3) Principal(HR) interview
This is the final interview. Here there are generic questions like:
a) Why ZS?
b) Strengths and weaknesses (be prepared with examples!!)
c) Goals?

In this interview they check whether you are really interested to work for the company and will you fit to the company requirements. Think before you answer!! It can make or break your chances of getting placed.

In a nutshell, the process is long but fun. Ultimately its the experience that you gain from such interviews which really count. So be calm, composed , analyze yourself thoroughly and you could well be on the path to get the company you dream of. Good Luck!!!

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  1. suresh
    March 23, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Does ZS has Off campus drive ..?? and What is the eligibility criteria ?
    Please Help !!!

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