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Swapnil Kulkarni TIBCO BTech IT

I want to share my experience with the campus Recruitment Interview. I don’t want to forget those moments. Four days of waiting was really fruitful. I had come from home, the day before company was scheduled for recruitment i.e., on 15th Sept ’10. I brushed up some of the basic concepts and programming in Java. I studied hard on that day. Some of my reference books include – ‘Core Java’ and ‘K n R’. I wasn’t confident with Quantitative Aptitude.

I cracked the aptitude test for the first time. I think, before this one, I only feared Aptitude tests. The technical interviews were scheduled on the next day, 16th Sept’ 10 at 10:00 am in the company office. I minutely studied my project work, Data Structures, OS, OOP concepts and  Java for Interview. I also took guidance from my seniors(Anup Kalani, Suyog Kotecha and Deepak Bagewadi) who were selected for TIBCO last year.

I reached at 9:45 am in the TIBCO office. I was astonished with the infrastructural ammenities of the company. We were 12 students for morning slot of interview. We were gossiping and trying to relieve pressure. I was waiting for interview and finally the wait ended at 10:45 am. There were 3 interviews two of them were technical and one was HR interview.

First Technical Interview:

There were two interviewers for taking first technical interview. Being my first interview, I was literally shivering for first 15 minutes of interview. I was not understanding what I was speaking. Interviewers were supportive and helpful in nature. They were trying to boost my confidence. Once I got confidence I answered questions well. Following are the questions that were asked in the interview :

1. Introduce Yourself

I told my name, about my family background, about my projects, about my technical skills.

2. Explain DBMS project

My project was about Parking Management Systems. I was asked to tell about schema, Database design, usecases, testing strategies, etc.  I explained him algorithms,functionality we used in the project.

3. Explain CG project

My CG project was on “Windows paint like applications in OpenGL” . I also explained some of the part of project.

4. Explain ADTL project

My ADTL project was on “IP messenger in java”. I explained him this very well. It increased my confidence. I was answering his questions smoothly.

5. Explain about LDAP, Linux Administration

This was the key area for me. I knew that I would be able to answer most of the questions related to this subject or project. I explained him all about college’s LDAP server,Moodle server,  LDAP hierarchy structure, advantages of LDAP,etc. The interviewer was pretty satisfied with my answers and knowledge.

6. B. Tech Project :

“OPEN source project on Indic Language computing in Linux”. He asked project details and also about the work I am doing in the project.

7. Programming skills

I was asked to write the code to generate pattern :




I wrote it immediately and performed dry run on it. I was asked to optimize it.  Fortunately, I could do it successfully.

8. Data structures

I was asked to tell about the Sorting algorithms, Linked lists, Doubly linked list, etc. I explained him Merge sort in algorithmic concepts i.e., using Divide and conquer technique, and merging procedure at each level and its complexity.

9. Java Concepts

He asked me about OOP concepts. He also asked me about abstraction, interfaces, factory design patterns, etc.

This interview took place for one hour. After completion of  my first interview I was asked to stay back for second interview. This first interview was more general and more stressed on projects that had completed. It was general technical interview.

Second Interview:

Second interview was very conceptual and stressed on detailed knowledge of Java. I was successful to change the flow of interview as I wanted to be. I stressed my key points i.e., Linux administration, LDAP and moodle management, B.Tech project. Most of the time he was asking me on these key points. Questions that were asked to me in this interview :

1. Introduce yourself :

My confidence level was up for this interview. I told him about me, my family, family background and here I stressed my key points distinctly. I didn’t tell him about my projects.

2. What is LDAP, Moodle???

I explained him LDAP, Moodle in detail. I also explained him how authentication is done using LDAP. He asked me about moodle functioning. He also asked me about ACL(Access control Lists in Moodle and Linux). He also asked about the specifications of CoFSUG server that we administer.

3. Linux Localization project :

He felt that our B.Tech. project is different. So he asked about the project. Current status of the project, project guide. He also asked me about rendering, complex script support in gnome-terminal. I explained him everything.

He also asked about what work I am doing in the current project. While explaining about the source code of gnome-terminal I explained him “Factory Design Pattern” in detail with example. With this the flow of interview suddenly changed.

4. Design patterns

He asked me about design patterns in java. I was unaware about other design patterns. He told me the types of basic design patterns. He also told me that there 23 design patterns in exists.

5. Interfaces

Interviewer started with design patterns and started asking me about java basic concepts. He gave the example and asked me to co-relate between factory design pattern and interfaces. While asking about interfaces he also asked me about key differences between C and Java, inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, method overriding.,etc.

This interview took place for one and half hour. Interviewer was very helpful and giving encouragement. I cleared my doubts about the company by asking him. He told me about the company.

Third Interview (HR Interview):

Interviewer of second interview asked me to wait for HR interview. In HR interview I was asked about me, my technical skills, my B.Tech. project,  my Higher study plans.,etc. One important question, he asked me that why I took up in-house project rather than taking up industrial project. I told him that I wanted to work in open source and also we wanted to work with our project guide. He argued that TIBCO is not a open source company so what you will you do. I answered him that I am passionate about my project but for my living I have to work in company so my B.Tech. project is different from my job. He also asked me about the Company, its products.,etc. I asked him that how can I grow in this company. He explained me all aspects of the growth in TIBCO.

Whatever would be the results, I was very happy with all my interviews. It took almost three and half hours to complete all my three interviews. I was hoping for an affirmative   response from the company. I got to know result on 18th Sept ’10. I called my parents and told them the result. According to me, after hearing this news, my parents and my sister would be the happiest people on earth.

Really, the journey of placement was great and will be vivid in my memories for lifetime. In this blog post, I take an opportunity to thank all the people and my idols who made all this possible. Abhijit Sir, for everything about our project, our Linux administration experience, LDAP and moodle management without whom it was not possible. My best friends Mihir, Ashwin, Premanand, Sourabh and Nikhil who boosted my confidence and motivated me to do my best. I also thank to my friends from IT and Comp especially Ankit, Bhushan, Nishant who helped me and gave tips about how to face an interview..

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