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My Tata Motors Story

It was 20th of august and I was ready to board the train to Mumbai the next morning, considering that I would get recruited in L&T which visited the COEP campus the day before. I cleared the aptitude test and answered almost all questions in the interview. Finally, in the interview I was asked about the job location which was Mumbai. I was happy or rather excited to say yes. So in the evening I went to a gift shop to buy a gift for my cousin sister who was having her birthday on 21st of august. Also the next day TATA MOTORS was coming for recruitment. But as usual this time also the criterion was 6.5 SGPA in all semesters. So before getting into the race I was out of it, as mine was not 6.5 in all semesters. But nowhere in my mind was I thinking of TATA motors because I was very happy and a bit sure about L&T.

The next morning I was woken up when my friend phoned me and said I was not in the list displayed by the company, consisting of the selected student’s name. I don’t remember the last time when I was disappointed a lot but this was the one. I abused the company a lot and went to the bed because that was the only thing I was able to do at that time. So I muttered eff’ off and slept.

Now once again I was woken up not by a phone ring but by a message. The sender was the same. This time there was no news but an information regarding TATA MOTORS saying that the eligibility criteria have been reduced to 6.0 SGPA all semesters. The pre placement talk was over and the test was about to begin and I had not even brushed my teeth. Now I was eligible to sit for the test but I was not having any hope because everybody in mechanical branch tries hard for TATA MOTORS and I was already disparaged by the L&T’s result. So I texted him whether the test has started because he was not answering the call. After 5-10 minutes he called me and said,” Not yet”. Then I got up from bed, brushed teeth, washed face, combed my hair and went to college.

When I reached the cad/cam lab as the test was online there was no vacant place to sit. So we waited there for a long time and came back to have the lunch. After nearly 2 hours we were in front of the computers displaying TATA’s webpage. After short instructions the test started. It was divided into three sections and the time for each technical question was one minute and fost

or non-technical -45seconds. We saw the students of the previous batch who were exhausted after the test. The test started and the questions were like “just for the sake of reading and don’t try to solve you can’t”. In quantitative section I solved a question, marked the answer and was just on the verge of confirming the answering and the timer turned 00 seconds and it vanished. At that time the first word that came from my mouth was, “shit!” Finally, after solving 73 questions the webpage displayed, “thank you” and I left the lab. We were sitting in front of Mechanical drawing hall and the result was not yet displayed and the time was past 3.30 pm. At this time every hostelite runs to the hostel mess because the evening breakfast starts. The result was displayed and everybody ran near to the man who was yelling the names of the shortlisted candidates. This time it was one of my batch mates who told me that I was one among the 12 candidates from mechanical and production selected for next stage i.e. group discussion. My legs were trembling and I was not even able to put on the tie.

Gathering all best wishes we entered in to the room for group discussion. There were approximately eight moderators to access us in the discussion. We were assigned numbers for identification. The topic given was,”Backbone of Indian Economy-Manufacturing sector or Services sector”. It went on for 15-20 minutes. When I came out of the room I was quite confident that I would clear the GD. Then as usual I called my friend to bring shoes from hostel. Once again the same man came to announce the names of candidates for interview. With every name the pressure was building on everybody whose name was not yet announced. My name came last in the list and I was like-Thank God.

I wore my shoes and was filling the form given to me which was to be carried with the resume. The main thing of worry was my GPA’s because I had no reason for continuously dropping of my GPA from 7.5 to 6.05. I was called for the interview. There were two interviewers, both were looking very experienced and they were.

It started with the usual question –tell me about you then started the technical questions. It ended after nearly 40 minutes. I was able to answer all questions. But before leaving once again I was asked the same question about the job location. Then I asked a question and left the cabin.

It was 7.30pm. The interviewers got into their cars and left the campus. Each passing minute was longer than 60 seconds. Finally and once again the same man came with the final list in his hand. At the same time another list was displayed on the notice board. Immediately and once again my friend went to the notice board and saw the list. Before my name was announced I was told about being selected. I was on top of the world. We were given a small lecture about the company and were asked to leave.

That day I was ecstatic not only for getting recruited but also for my friends who were happy in my happiness. This way two 6 pointers-me and my classmate, got placed in a reputed company and we started the trend. I was very lucky to get selected because the day before I was not even eligible for the company. But getting luck at the right time also matters a lot. Am I sounding too defensive? I think-NO.

-Bhupendra Mithe (BTech Mechanical)

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  1. D.L.Patil
    August 8, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Mr. Bhupendra ,

    Its nice experience u shared with all.

    Now in which plant u r working ?

    • November 17, 2012 at 4:48 pm

      I know its very late i m replying but, later we were not allowed to join tata motors.
      Thts another long story.
      Currently, i m working in 3dplm R&D as Catia development engineer.


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