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Another Tata Motors Story!


On the 21st of August, I got placed in TATA MOTORS. I feel it is the most memorable day of my life and so I want to share my memories with you.

TATA MOTORS was the second company that had the requirement of metallurgy, L&T being the first one. I had given L&T’s interview the day before. It was a terrible one and I knew that I had got it all wrong. The next day, TATA MOTORS began its pre-placement talks at around 10 am. As usual, I was not attentive during the talks ( I don’t even know what package the company had displayed. I am just hearing it from friends, who were attentive ). However, during the presentation one student asked them about the bond, and I was deeply impressed with the answer the HR gave. He said, ” WE DON’T BELIEVE IN BOND. WE ONLY BELIEVE IN EMOTIONAL BOND”. And the staff that had accompanied him was all with experiences ranging from 20 to 40, which proved his point.

After the presentation, our results of L&T were announced. Khond Sir announced the names of Niramay, Kasturi and Rohit, which meant I had to sit for the Aptitude test of TATA MOTORS. We marched on towards our Computer Lab. However, our lab was in a terrible condition with only one computer having a working internet. After an hour of chaos, we were sent to Civil department laboratory. The invigilator gave us all the registration information and then we started the test. It was an objective type online test with 72 questions from different fields, such as technical ( with three difficulty levels ), Communication skills, quantitave aptitude, etc. 60 seconds were alloted for solving a technical question while only 40 seconds per question were alloted for solving the rest. The technical part was OK but the time for the quantitative questions was too short and there were only three to four questions that could be solved within 40 seconds. The HR had told us that there would be negative marking for the wrong answers but I did not see any such instruction anywhere during the test. Also I was sure that if I kept leaving the questions, then I would surely not qualify. So after a couple of missed questions, I decided to have a go on every question. ( The next day, our CR Monty told me that there wasn’t any negative marking – Thank god! )

I finished with the test very early and waited out with some others who had finished it. After a few minutes, Vivek, Nitin and some other friends accompanied me to the hostel. The test being a difficult one, everyone including me was sure that we would not crack it. I was about to take bath and had my bucket filled when I just casually went to Vivek’s room. And I was welcomed by the words, “BHAVA, APAN ZALO KI SELECT “. It was Nitin at Vivek’s room. At first, nobody believed it, and for a reason. The list comprised of myself, Vivek and Nitin, we all being good friends, so we thought whoever spread this was trying some prick. Actually, I had cleared the previous aptitudes of L&T and TATA STEELS (during their summer internship recruitments). But still I thought that this was not true, given the nature of the test. However, after a few calls, we came to know that it was true! I was more freaked out than happy because I was totally ready to have a bath and suddenly now I had to reach the college within 10 minutes. I quickly got dressed and reached the T&P cell almost running. I first saw the list and confirmed that the news wasn’t any prank. Now I had to get ready  for GD!

Friends, I am an total introvert and terrible at communication, especially in masses. So I had thought, “OK, I cracked the apti, but there is no way that I could get past this barrier”. We were 6 Metallurgy students and three Production guys in our group for the GD. Our topic was “Learnings from the movie THREE IDIOTS”. We were given two minutes to prepare and had to discuss the topic for about 10 minutes. I wrote down some points, but believe me friends, thinking and speaking are really different things. This was my first attempt in any GD and you cannot figure out how to have a GD without any experience. The three production guys were really outstanding and even my classmates were having a go in the discussion. Only I could not enter the discussion. For about five minutes Everybody but me had discussed one point or the other. Then I realised that it is now or never. It would be better to say something and hope to crack than to stay quiet and be sure of getting disqualified. I entered the topic interrupting one person and positioned my views on the topic. I now realise that I just required a start and that was the start for me. After that, I went on discussing some points in the next five minutes. Now there was hope, though little due to my initial period of silence.

After ten minutes, the results were out. My start had worked for me! To this day I don’t know what led me through this GD. Was it the quality of my points or was it anything else? I will never know that unless the examiners tell me. But me, Nitin and Akash were selected for the interview. I still think that in the whole of my selection process, cracking the GD was the main obstacle. So I was extremely excited except for the fact that Vivek was not selected. The HR gave us a form. We filled the form and were ready for the interview. First, Akash went in. His interview lasted for about 40 mins. I was ready with my form and my resume. I had given two interviews before, so an interview was not a totally new thing for me but still, I was a bit nervous about it. I went in and was greeted by three middle-aged persons.

“So Prathamesh, How are you feeling?”
“Really excited, Sir!”

And then he started asking me questions in Marathi. My serious drawback was my communication skills and since he took most of my interview in Marathi, I had won half the battle then and there. My interview lasted for about 20 minutes, with most part technical. And from my previous interview experiences, I knew one thing. NEVER TELL THE INTERVIEWER THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO PG. I stuck to it. Finally he asked me if I had any question. One of my seniors had told me that you ask him something to show that you are really interested in the company. So, I asked him a few questions which I barely even had. And then he ended the interiew saying that, “IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU. YOUR INDUSTRIAL TRAINING WOULD CERTAINLY BE CONSIDERED IN OUR DECISIONS”. I would like to tell you that I had done about two months of industrial training during my summer vacations and that came handy in my selection.

Then it was Nitin’s turn to face the interview. I came out and saw that along with Vivek, Dayanand, Khilya and Monty were also waiting for us, Nitin’s interview also lasted for around 20 minutes. Following that was the wait for the results. Actually I had been in a similar situation of waiting for results during TATA STEELS’ recruitments, but this time I was not so nervous. Rather, I had a feeling that I would get selected. After about an hour and half, the HRs came in and declared the results. Nitin and I got selected. I was very happy but my friends were really jumping with joy. We hugged each other. We all were overwhelmed with joy! Then the HR called us in the cabin and told us about some details for about 10 minutes.

The news had reached the hostel and everybody was ready for some wild celebrations. I still can collect that day flashing in front of my eyes. Many a times I think, ‘Had I not got these friends, would this day have been so special to me?’ That day I came to know about the wealth which COEP has provided me – My Friends! REALLY, I AM VERY RICH IN THAT TERMS!

Thank you mates !

Prathamesh Thakar (BTech Metallurgy and Material Science)

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  1. ankit patil
    October 11, 2010 at 8:07 am

    really interesting and touching story….
    i too have same results but with some of variations emotions…..

  2. Sandeep
    February 25, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    awsome. . yar.
    its so intrsting and exciting throughout.
    I liked the End most.

  3. January 2, 2015 at 5:25 pm

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  4. May 11, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Ah very interesting! You learn about something new every day.

  5. rohan
    September 12, 2015 at 12:33 am

    thanks sir for sharing yr views….. really it boosted me alot

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