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Clear Skies

In those days long gone by,
To look upward was to sooth the eye.
Scattered were the stars, the nebulae,
Nightfall awaited more than day!

For the skies held the tales of yore.
The gods and humans of before,
Up above, in the hallowed light,
Of the darkest, darkest moonless night,

Orion, the hunter’s famous fight,
Against the venomous scorpion’s bite,
And those seven charming ladies,
In the cluster of the Pleaides!

The raging bull of Crete in Taurus,
The penitent crow, locked in Corvus,
Castor with his twin brother,
And the princess Andromeda!

Cygnus with its open wings.
Saturn with its brilliant rings,
Chiron, the brave centaur,
And Mars, the ancient god of war.

Canis Major’s faithful leap,
As Bootes herds his woolly sheep.
Leo with his noble mane,
And Hercules – the warrior slain.

These were but some of the sights,
I saw in those ecstatic, lightless nights.
Alas! Man sees but man destroys,
With light and dust those wondrous joys!

The sky is now but a dull grey shell,
And how it was, none can tell.
And today, tears streaming down my eyes,
I wish once more, for those untouched skies!

-Mohit Karve

Categories: English
  1. Mihir Khatwani
    October 22, 2010 at 12:40 am

    Really nice poem.
    i guess this comes from the astronomy club.

  2. Trupti Ranka
    January 20, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Wow Mohit!! luckily came across this. This is amazing!! You should have posted it on the Google group or at least your personal blog.

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