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6 months of joy or 6 months of pain

12th May 2009 …time: 3.15 p.m ..location : TATA MOTORS HR office..
Mr Nelson Fernendes speaking ” Friends here are the final results of
the interviews which we had conducted for selecting Sandwich

He started calling out the names of the students who had been
rejected. There were five students who had been rejected and their
names were being called out one by one. While all of this was
happening I was continuously praying to God and had kept my fingers
crossed.3 names were done and tension started mounting .’will I be
selected or will i be rejected??’ was the question running through my
mind. My friend Priyadarshan (P.D) was aslo equally tensed. It was as
if a matter of life and death.One more name was called out..it wasnt
mine … and now the last one …I was consistenely looking at the
announcers face..and his lips .Finally the last name was called
out..it was “Yatin” .The moment Mr Fernendes said “Yatin”..i loosened
up my crossed fingers and heaved a sigh of relief. I couldn’t believe
that I was selected for the6 months Industrial Training in TATA MOTORS
which is one of the biggest automobile manufactures in India. For some
people like Bajaj it was a very trivial thing but for me it was very
special. I was over joyed and immediately called up my mom and told
her about this. She too was extremly happy and was proud of me.

After the results we had to go for a medical test at the Chinchwad
plant….the medical test ended at 5 and we all went back to our
homes. I went to the college hostel to tell my friends about m
selection…All of them were happy for me .. aspecially Pratik who had
wished me luck just before my interview … I went back home at around
7 and as soon as I opened the door I saw my mom and dad standing there
..they congratulated me and hugged me..my brother too was overjoyed
…So in all it was my day. God all mightly had indeed made my
day…Now I could enjoy my vacations…

3rd July..8.00 p.m..location: TATA MOTORS (CVBU ) Pimpri… it was our
joining day ..all dressed in formals and all set to go… ..

I was wondering what project will I get and which department….we
were taken to the ‘D’ Block ..where we were going to assigned our
department of training . We were made to sit in a conference room.
Mr.Sant was the man who would be assigning to us our departments.There
were students from CoEP and MIT who were present in the conference
room… finally we got our departments ..I was given ‘Gear Factory: C
Block’.. the only CoEP student in there..I was separated from all my
friends ..but that was not a problem..I was really very happy that I
got the gear factory..

As I entered the Gear factory ..I could see those massive broaches all
around the place..and all kinds of gears being manufactured…machines
that I had never seen before…My eyes were rolling around ..because
this was the very first time I had seen such a huge company..for a few
moments I couldn’t believe that I was going to work in that place as a
trainee…as we made our way towards the factory office I saw the
different charts and instructions put up all around the place…
finally I reached the office we met our ‘Project Guide'( so
called)…named Mr. Ajit Bhumkar…he took us to the conference room
and briefed us about the factory and then distributed us amongst the
different sections in the factory…. I was the last one left ..and Mr
Bhumkar. ..decided to keep me with himself..as an assistant !!

A fews days passed .. I started getting used to the daily routine of
8.30 to 5…..and got used to the company life…..
wake up at 6.. get ready by 7.15..take the company bus at 7.30…shift
begins at 8.30….breakfast at 9.00 ..back to work at 9.30..work work
work ……till 12.30…go for lunch…..finish off by 1.00… then
work work work !!! till 5 and then go home .. reach by 6.15… and
thats the end of the day .. This continued for 2 months …and THEN

..it was the begining of one of my most boring,sad and painfull times
.. Our college event was coming up in October and being a part of its
core committee I had to devote sufficient time for the event
work…other than that I had my national level swimming meet coming up
in October itself ….we had too practice for it too..

So the schedule was 8.30 to 5 company .. then 6.30 to 8 swiming
practice ….return to college at 8.30 and then Mind Spark work ..upto
10.30..return home… have dinner …and finally sleep at 12.30…and
again wake up a 5.30…life was sad.. full of pain ..stress… I
wonderered how long will i stand up to such an hectic schedule ….

The company work started getting sadder day by day ..we thought of
getting these ‘extremly interesting’ projects..but ended up doing
postman work… I had already started missing college and hating TATA
MOTORS ….But I found a way out of all of this ..

I decided to work in the company only from 8.30 to 12 or 3 ..then run
away and go back to college do the event work …take rest ..and then
go for swimming practice…

Some how the training at TATA MOTORS was not satisfying me …..There
were times when I had more work in college than I had in TATA
MOTORS… ..I was being drifted away from my friends… I had already
lost a few… and because of the event work and swimming practice I
hardly got any time to spend with my friends.. Professionalism had
ruined up my personal life …Now my parents had started complaining
that I wasn’t devoting sufficient amountof time for them …. This was
the pain …I was going through…I lost my friends, ..The joy of
being selected as a trainee in the most reputed companies had already
been washed out …. This really forced me to question my self
…..was it 6 months of Joy ..or was it 6 months of pain
….Alok Mehta.

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