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“Chal na Lavassa jaa ke aate”..
“Kayka Lavassa …lag rahi hai meri…”
“Why what happened?”
“Man I think I am gonna flunk M-3”
“That’s news to me…I’ll give you a piece of advice…give that foreign author a rest…and use a local author…Then see how come out with flying colours…at least that’s what it says at the back of this Nirali Textbook”
Ya well, that was the hostel scenario a week before the end sems.

End Sems… Its that time of the semester that forces even the most disinterested of students to shake the dust off their books and see if there is anything worth reading that could get them through, providing the most cruel and demoralizing end to a otherwise wonderful semester. For some it is a platform for showcasing how smart they are and the astronomical scores they rack up just suggest how hard they have slogged the whole semester (not to mention the inferiority complex that gets developed in the underperformer) while some display a supreme nonchalance that usually leads to a conversation on the following lines :
“Hey man how are the preps for the end-sems goin on ?”
One of my friends, trying to pass off an epic dialogue as his own,
“Frankly, I don’t care a damn…”
Man sometimes I really wish I had that kind of an attitude.

Anyways, amidst all the Diwali celebrations and other stuff, the week before the end sems went by in a flash and finally the exams were on us. First day, first show and the first thing I do after entering the exam hall is to check the seating arrangement to see if there is anyone around who could help me pass. Nope, no one. Hard luck. Just a girl I had known by face but I think that hardly counts. After three hours, I was finally done and my fellow colleagues’ reaction was written right across their faces “What the eff.!!”
The other thing that became the talking point on day one was ‘The Cell Phone Charitable Trust’ as we called it. Students caught with cell phones during the exam were asked to pay 500 bucks and get their cell phones back. Obviously it raised an outcry amongst the students. An interesting question that I heard one guy ask sarcastically was “Though ragging by students has been banned in our college what about the one done by our Professors?…”

The rest of the exams followed a similar pattern. Trying to stay up all night a day before the papers, to complete the syllabus, then falling asleep. Setting the alarm to 5 am and then using the ‘snooze’ option to dose off till 7. Ah, God bless the guy who came up with snooze on an alarm!! Although I must admit it doesn’t exactly help before an exam where you have got more than 700 pages to cover and you are struggling with the first 100 itself.
Grumpy faces marked the end of almost every paper, with the students assuring themselves that they’ll clear the course by assuming that the cut-off would be set at a bare minimum. The only paper in which I was satisfied with my performance was-Psychology (That shouldn’t be too surprising). The discussion that followed at the end of the paper was not whether we would pass or not but as to how we could convince the Dean to introduce a course named Psycho 2 in the next semester! Meaningless discussion no doubt, but nevertheless it made for an amusing conversation while it lasted. After all it is aimless fantasies like these that make college days what they are.
Vivas and practicals came tumbling one after another. Here the professor taking your viva maybe divided into 3 broad categories:
The first is the sadist type. He will ask you questions on topics which you might have read in some nook of the book but as soon as you begin answering his question he’ll give you a cold smile. That’s IT. The END
The second is the considerate type. Even though he thinks you are not upto the mark you’ll find a decent grade being entered in front of your name.
And about the third type. Well, all I have to say is that you count yourself lucky if he’s the one taking your viva.

No mater how bad the papers and vivas may have been for them, once done with all of it, there is a euphoric feeling amongst the liberated souls. Sudama and Shailaja see a rise in the number of visitors from the nearby boy’s hostel. Watching crappy, unheard movies just for the sake of it and chatting late into the night with their crushes are few of the things that mark the end of the exams. That’s the best part of exams…No matter how long it may seem like, after sometime they do come to an end.
With the students heading to their hometowns, the college and hostel campus wears a deserted look. It’ll be some time till we are faced with another end-sem…Till that time Aal izz Well.

Gaurav Jethani

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