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If It Is To Be It Is Up To You

This is a poetry which I had penned down during our world record exactly three years ago on 8th March 2007

It encompasses the theme of the world’s longest painting which I proudly state to be a part of…

The longest painting by numbers is 599.94 m (1968 ft 3 in) long and was created by 135 Students of the College of Engineering in Pune, India, on 8 March 2008.

The painting is titled “Journey from Evolution to Destruction” and depicts the history of earth.



This blissful sky, such mystical wonder
Spread far, spread wide, infinite cover
Who hath such blessings upon us showered
My heart thus thinks and ponders

No piece amiss all put in place
All lies in order, perfect harmony, beautiful grace,
This is but a creation of a power unheard
This hand of glory is god our shepherd

His hand carved a universe delightful,
Huge stars, huge galaxies in clusters and clans
He shaped our world our earth beautiful
All worked well all in his plans

Wonder I where it all began
Where life springs eternal how we all were born
God had an artwork, a master plan
To shower his soul in every big every small!

His heart poured, his colors splashed,
Life thus began, thus it all seeded.
Small forms sprung in many a numbers,
They lived for food, they fought hunger.

These forms they grew, they bloomed evolved,
As time ticked newer forms were formed,
Now bigger in size, greater in intellect,
Thus animals evolved better and perfect.

Of all animals god showered one,
With his souls space, to his hearts delight,
This animal of all was God’s closest,
His master plan, it was his might.
Power to think, power to reason,
Power to guide, power to act
He was man-God’s own master plan,
He was man-a perfect work of art.

Man led the world; he was born to lead,
He was God’s savior for horses and mules,
God lent him powers to guide and breed
Man was God under God’s rule.

God smiled as his creations blossomed
God looked upon as man flourished
Man progressed by leaps, progressed by bounds
God loved man; His art work He cherished.

Man moved, man traveled he developed cultures,
Egypt, Greece, and Asia he reached,
Different tongues, different ethnics, and different traditions they nurtured.
Different God’s they followed, different God’s they preached.

He questioned, he reasoned, upon answers he pressed,
With science his aid, his thirst he quenched.
His life now easy the world progressed,
Newer horizons he flew, newer laurels he clenched.

Music that brought his soul solace,
Dance that brought him pleasure,
Gave his life a meaning to live,
In a culture to cherish, a culture to treasure.

Mental strength, physical prowess,
Determination, grit and honor,
Achieved he through sports and games;
A true test of skills, a true test of power.

Man developed, yet small he grew,
His heart shrunk, his mind untrue,
His greed his need he urged for more,
Walls he built, beyond self, he thought no more.

Love withered, peace died,
Battles fought, millions cried.
A land where once lush valleys bloomed,
Was doomed by bloodshed, rancor and gloom.

Every blade that struck sent searing pain,
Through God our savior’s soul;
His eyes wept by sights of shame,
Horror filled He groaned:

‘my very own blood today,
Has risen arms against itself,
Are these the dreams I had foreseen?
Are these the children I created myself?

My children I created thou,
To care for creations big and small;
I endowed thee with powers now,
That would never let my kingdom fall.

My dreams thou shattered in my face,
My creations ruined by your race;
Pollution causing rivers to dry,
Naïve mute beasts on the brink to die.

Ice that frost on the Himalayan slopes,
Would melt some day and ruin your hopes;
The smoke that rises from the chimney high,
Would bid someday your child goodbye.

Rise my child to the beckon call,
Let not my kingdom fall;
Yours is the time, today is you,
If it is to be, it is up to you.

Change your future, make a life,
For happiness, glory struggle and strive;
Let tomorrow be a glorious day,
A bright tomorrow comes from a bright today.

So pledge all to let love flow,
So love all till hearts glow;
Because yours is the time,
If it is to be, it is up to you!

-Gantavya Sharma
8th March 2007

  1. March 11, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    great one Gantavya…very articulate and very well written…!!

  2. March 15, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Awesome poetry yaar!

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