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Abhiyanta 2011 ‘Radiance’

The original picture in all its grandness

The name of the college magazine ‘Radiance’ was an inspiration drawn from this beautiful click ued as the cover. It was towards the end of march when during the renovation of the main building Vikrant More (SY Electrical) noticed that rays of light as seen in the picture were beaming from the top of the tower. The moment we set eyes upon the picture we knew we had the magazine cover in hand, The next day itself, equipped with a wonderful camera and tripod we spent three hours to get the perfect click by setting different exposure times. However, no matter what we did we never could get the sky as it was in the original picture. The cover that you see is not modified with and neither edited in any way. It is pure and perfect, just as our college is. The final outcome was this…

The COEP main building in new light

Today as an era of change begins in COEP, we evolve the old and ring in a new. Ushering in a brighter tomorrow, we the torchbearers of the world will dazzle them with our ‘Radiance’- A college magazine that celebrates the tales of every COEPian. We hope you have as much fun reading this magazine as we had making it…watch out this space for stories and tales about the making of our college magazine.
Till then post your comments, reviews, appreciations, criticisms as comments to this post.

Abhiyanta 2011

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  1. May 9, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Wonderful cover and the story behind! Desperately looking forward to the distribution of the magazine…

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