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We are Back !!

Yes, before anyone points it out;

I admit we are late…I admit we are lazy.

Perhaps, me (and the rest of the team) have been too busy sleeping in our lectures, sipping tea at cafe house or were roaming pointlessly all around the campus looking for someone to copy assignments from.

Thus, unfortunately the blog took a back seat.

But, we were summoned, we were sharply rebuked and shaken out of our slumber. And thus, WE ARE BACK.

This year, Team Abhiyanta Online promises to provide every CoEPian a taste of the campus life online…not only the usual aspect of it but also the hidden ones; and we promise to deliver this on time and without procrastination.

SO, Whats New About Abhiyanta this year?

1) We have our own “itsy-bitsy” space on the college website

The blog has  been linked to the college website. You can find a link to the blog in the “Abhiyanta” tab of the Campus life section.

2) Picture of the week.

We intend to post a picture shot by budding photographers on the campus each week. The picture can be absolutely anything ..maybe shot on the campus …maybe not. The one whose picture gets selected earns the bragging rights and if all turns out well…even a small token of appreciation

3) You!!

The zeal and gusto of our campus can be reflected here only if all of us contribute generously and without any apprehensions. We are starting afresh; So should you.


Team Abhiyanta.

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